Mini-contest: want to design a ship?

Lets give Starblast some more ships, make your own, and the best 4 get into the game, and even get credited!

Hmm… why not? Let’s give it a try
Can I add animations?

@PixelPizza the current system I have only allows one frame per ship, but I might be able to arrange an exception

@CrimsonBlackGames How do you submit a ship? Should I just post one here?

Ship 1

I could change the color if you want.

Thats a start!

When I try to go to that link I get this
Screenshot 2018-03-02 at 11.29.45 AM

Yeah, the signerature is stuck that way. Its actually /crimsonblackgames now

Don’t hate me for not uploading before

Hope this isn’t private:

@PixelPizza It’s private

@SnakeInMyHoot what about now

@PixelPizza the arrow wont be visible.

I don’t know how To make his Direction obvious/visible

White arrow?

Orange arrow… something that would work with a floating basketball in space shooting shapes- a perfectly common scenario

Want me to change it or you can paint it?

yes sure perfect. I tried something different and original and something that I would like to play with ahha…