Minimalistic Mini Competition?

Hiya Folks and o mighty @grazer ,
What would you think about a mini ‘minimalistic’ competition?

Along these lines:

  • create a fun game/demo/gimmick
  • do not use more than, let’s say 20 blocks
    (Number to be decided on)

Just to have fun and to get those thinking caps cooking.

Comment, comment, comment :slight_smile:

I’ll join when I can, when is the event ending? I’ll try to make something up before its over.

April 30th :slight_smile:

Todorrobot listed the details further up

im very happy with how mine is coming along just dont look at the nodes when i post it because its a mess XD

Well… I’m already done.

That really wasn’t very hard at all being minimalistic

Have fun!

Love it,LOL, … I GIVE UP

Now that is minimalistic minimalistic :slight_smile: Let’s see what else shows up.
I probably have to wait until Saturday before I will have the time to tinker

im down, it would take the slot for my last game so i cant keep the final result around for long

I hear you. I work at a hospital and you can imagine how unpredictable the work times can be at the moment … :expressionless:

I might be participating, but I am not sure at the time

I am!!!


Who is actually participating?


I’m in. Who else!?

No. Not that chonky. 4.0 brush in Flowlab art editor (or 4pxl brush in Piskel or similar) so a 1x1 block is 8x8 for the design/resolution.

Wait a sec. 4 pixel grid as in 4 pixels =2x2 for the art, or 4x4?
That would turn a 32 tile into a 8 bit monster, LOL

Sounds good :slight_smile:


@TinkerSmith It’s your jam, so you get to decide. But based on the comments above I think something like the following would be acceptable to start on Apr 20:

10 days to - create a “minimalistic” fun game/demo/gimmick

-1 level
-10x10 playing field.
-10 objects max (the fewer the better).
-10 colors max.
-4.0 pixel grid.
-minimal sfx and music ok.

Judging criteria – to be voted on by participants and based on the following category’s:
-Simplistic art style (How good the simple art looks, no losing points for minimalism.)
-How strictly minimalistic and simple it is (how well it followed the theme)
-How fun the game is to play!

Any kind of tie or close call is won by the most minimalistic and/or decided by TinkerSmith.

Game may not be started (time stamp in Flowlab) before Monday, Apr 20 and must be submitted to the competition by 11:50 PM (EST?) Thursday, Apr 30


Now that’s the spirt … minimalistic … :slight_smile:


I gotchu, I won’t use more then 5