Minor issue with sprite editor

This is very small and should be one of the last things you get to, but if I copy a sprite then paste in a color (like this 54A6B7) into the sprite editor it also pastes the copied sprite even though I’m in the text box. Again, very small issue, but since I thought it was a bug figured I should report it.


Thanks for reporting :+1:


This happens to me too. One way to get around it is to first click outside the grid with sprite on it (zoom out if you have to), then undo the copying of the sprite. Your copied color should still be there.

To save your copied color in the color selector, just click on your color as if you were about to change it, and press OK. This will save your color until you close or refresh the tab.


I already reported this issue a while ago into the discord and then i got yelled at for reporting it :slight_smile:


Who was it that yelled at you? I mean I already have a pretty good guess of who it might be.


Agent Y, I’m guessing that that was your guess as well.


Yeah, I would just ignore him. He’s not the kindest towards most users so just overlook anything he says or does.

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Just show him some Xavier: Renegade Angel