🎃 Misty Hollow - NEW UPDATE! Multiplayer Game

Nice. Now I don’t think you’re going to share your strategy, lol.


I didn’t follow your strat, though the path we follow is partially similar, I just continue for longer

I found the weirdest bug, and played a round with it lol.

Here are some pictures.


I checked the editor, it doesn’t look like the objects are bugging.

I think it’s the engine.

maybe, my computer is so laggy rn.

Noooo!! My beautiful UI!!!


Just replied to you on your help thread


oh boy, this update looks great I’m excited to play! I’ll have to reclaim my position on top…


Yesss! Thank you! We are super glad you like it! :blush: Good luck getting the crown :crown:


If you push me into fifth!..

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By the way, how do you extract the user’s Profile picture?

Is it using Player Info?

(Sorry for off-topic).

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Yes that + the recently updated Fetch URL behavior, you can check out Brickccentricc’s “your profile picture” example.


Ok, thanks PixelPizza!

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@Recryptech, did you use a bug to get a score of over 200?

Maybe a bug that gives the player infinite upgrades from one Jack-O-Lantern??

This bug has probably been used by many players to reach over 200, but a warning.
By the way, I did not use it after experiencing it.


You took control of a bug to beat people.
You have no actual skill if you needed a bug. There is no honor in using a bug to beat people. The original actually good players, took DAYS to get a score of even over 100. You just smashed it with a bug. How are you not ashamed? -Although, you probably wouldn’t care, you Cheaters.

Let me tell you, people like the devs and me ACTUALLY used skill, you just used a bug. You should’ve stopped, now you are a disgrace. You are no real player, you’re a cheater with no honor and not enough skill to beat the actual players.

I stand by my score as one of the best. Yours I see as nothing. I see your scores as -100, and I hope every other actual player does too.



There was a bug that made it so if you touched the candy bag multiple times, you got multiple power-ups. I’ve reported it and it should be fixed. My most recent run (Like 210 or so?) used it to get a bunch of lolliclocks to one up the person with 200+, who likely also used the bug. My previous score of around 150 did not exploit this bug.

Hopefully the devs or Grazer can remove mine and whoever else’s score is passed 200 as there really shouldn’t be a way to get a score that high normally.


Broo chill ahahahah :sob:


I apologize for the harsh message.

I am angry when a user cheats on a competitive game I like, or any game for that matter. I still think the cheaters should stop.


At least they didn’t make the cheat themselves. It’s only annoying for me if it were to be hacking, and not exploiting the bug.

Also you do know you don’t have to sign your posts, right?

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Heyo everyone :jack_o_lantern::wave:t4:

Don’t worry y’all, the team knows about the issues with the Treat Bags and the overpowered scores will hopefully be removed soon after we fix the issue.

Always feel free to report bugs and issues with our Team, here on the forums or Discord, as they did this time.
Just please be patient as we will fix it once we are free to invest some time in it.
We are also super open for Feedback and your thoughts on the game! :blush:

We’ve also been updating the game with new small things and fixing issues that naturally pop up from having lots of more exposure and players.
They are all present in the game already, bit by bit they get added :smile:
Soon enough another Update log will be released :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Overall, I’m happy everyone is enjoying our game and it’s really awesome seeing Misty Hollow get all this love in such short time, so I appreciate everyone that has been playing and sharing the game :fire::love_letter::bat:

We already got +4K Plays and +100 likes in so little time! That’s insane, thanks everyone :orange_heart:


dang and here I thought I found something out lol

do the crows do anything other than look awesome?