Mob House(Devlog)

Hello Flowlabers!
I am making another horror game, which this time I’m gonna boost up the art! With jumpscares…Yeah gonna need some help with the jumpscares but for now let’s leave it at that.

Your family and you live in a house. A big one. For some time you would like to be alone, so you complain to your parents that you wish one day you will be a big boy. Years passed as you turned 18 our parents finally agreed to let you stay home all by yourself… You shouldn’t have…
You regret staying home.

The story will not be shown here; you will have to play the trailer first before you play the real game. This game will take place in one level so i don’t waste 5 levels(I don’t have indie yet Sad isn’t it) Anywaysthere will be a trailer, but instead of watching you actually play in it.

There isn’t just one monster there’s alot of them in this house so you got to look out in order to survive. There will be information on the monsters soon. There will also be a diary telling about different monsters so you can keep track of all of them.

Your goal is to get out of this mansion…or you could figure out whats going on and defeat them all and have the truest of endings!

First monster
Name: Khoul 11/03/2022

I see this monster everywhere! It does not go away!! At day i can just see it staring, and if i stare at it it feels as if theres a gap in my life. But theres something odd about it, at night i have to always shine my flashlight on it. Mom and dad are going on vocation….hmmm…


Ok here he is the beast of all of them… For now. There will be more

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Such intimdating craftsmanship. This one is a 10/10.


Heres the vent monster!!! hahaha. He comes out of any vents. So techinally there will be 3 different sprite for the vents. I will randomize where he would come out and grab you!
Screenshot 2022-05-03 12.58.55 PM


Wow! The Imposter from Among Us?!

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He looks like he’s in pain


He is. Because he is sussy and can’t find a reactor to sabotage.

Nice jokes flowlab gamers!


Thank you!

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