Mobile ads

is there anyway I could integrate a mobile ads API into my APK. Is there any way I could see the programing of the apk?

I like that idea but also
@grazer I want to make an app for pebble smartwatch, is there any way you can give me the .C coding for it? jngthree@gmail

Is the .C coding the coding for our games, If so I would love to get that for my game. thanks

C coding is the basic structure of most coding languages including but not limited to “Java, JavaScript, Oval (Sphero)”

If you learn C code, learning other coding languages will be easier

So are you asking for the .C code for one of your games? @jngthree

Hey ztg5,

I am probably going to be adding some ad network support, since lots of people have asked for that.

As for the Flowlab source code, the game engine & editor are written in a language called Haxe. That gets compiled to a combination of C++, Java, and Objective-C which are then compiled again to produce the apps themselves. I don’t think any of that would be helpful for you guys though, and it definitely wouldn’t run on a Pebble, unfortunately :frowning:

Please do add ad network support that would be amazing!!! So I’m pretty sure that to incorporate ads you need to add an API as well as inserting some sort of code, so I couldn’t do that? Thanks, :smile:

Well I tried

Honestly I’d just add a Sprite with a link

@grazer is there any way I can get the coding to my game