Mobile export updates, and new Flowlab game published on the App Stores.

I’ve just completed some much-needed updates to the native app exporters to get them up to date with the latest Apple App Store and Google Play Store requirements. The export page has gotten some tweaks as well, and there is a new addition to your page themes to allow the display of app store links under your games.

To show off the new updates, here’s the (first official) game published by Flowlab to the Apple App Store:

Focus II by @CrimsonBlackGames

Get it for Android here:
Get it for iOS here:

Download it, check it out, and please leave a review if you like it :slight_smile:

sweet! I currently have an iphone and there’s not many indie games that get on there without too much difficulty. I’ll get it soon!


Pretty cool


@grazer how much money do you get for publishing games in the app store?

@Tim01 to make money you either have to put ads in your game or sell it for money on the app store no in-app purchases yet in flowlab

Premium or Freemium @Tim01 ? I have done a lot in making indie businesses, so I could help if you need a game plan.

@meburningslime oh really? Id love to see some of your work!

@meburningslime, sure, I’d appreciate the help

Interesting, I assume you uploaded the IOS version yourself to the appstore? It’s the only game on that developer account so I bet you want other creators on here jumping on mobile development?

I wonder if some sort of private system could be established so you could publish our mobile games for us and then create some type of revenue split, to at least pay for the yearly Apple Developer license?

FlowLab Publishing could be a new venture!

@Gavn - yes, this developer account was just set up, and Focus II is the first game published. I’m open to publishing other games if they are well polished and designed for mobile devices. If you think you have a game that fits this description then definitely let me know.

Hey @grazer i have a question about the platform detection can you add some more to it so it can tell if youre on mobile or a computer while being on the website that would be really cool and would help my website out a lot

@GrimProductionZ, Website?

Not talking to you you cant make that can u

GrimProductionZ, What do you mean by that?


How do you not understand here ok i mean that it will detect mobile and computer on the site because it dont only if you download the game

@GrimProductionZ, Oh I meant what do you mean by this comment “Not talking to you you cant make that can u” ???

What about Could there be a link system under my game because I am thinking about adding a game to