Mobile ui update

I am currently trying to code on flowlab on mobile but it is unbearable because I can’t scroll through the behavior categories and it is hard to scroll on certain things.


I also can’t use most of the stuff on mobile


There are a variety of features that I wish to do like keybinds but instead I have to add touch controls for the few people who are on mobile, I can’t add full screen because I have to add a physical button. Maybe add a pop up menu that shows a keyboard when on mobile or controller?

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That would be beautiful for the flowjam bc I will be using a tablet. @grazer

Are you saying that you want to have a fullscreen UI that like this?:

  • Click an on-creen button to open the on screen KB
  • Choose a KB key to click (e.g. “f” for fullscreen)

Instead of clicking an on-screen button to open full screen?

That sounds so strange that I feel like I must be misunderstanding what you’re asking.

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“Mobile” means a lot of different things, what sort of device are you using exactly? When I test the editor on mobile, I’m usually using a tablet like an iPad. The editing experience on most phones is not ideal, I agree.

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