Monster ideas for Tiny Nighttimes 2

Im making Tiny Nighttimes 2 and need monster ideas

You will be put in credits (:

heres the link------->

Monster Pitch:

A mannequin. Usually, it just sits there. However, if you leave it’s sight, and then come back upon it, subtle things change about it. It head turns. One arm is raised up. It’s in a different place than it was before. You can find it stuck doing odd things. Like playing will a ball, drawing a picture, holding a balloon.

Though harmless usually, if you make loud noises, especially by it’s room, it gets upset. Starts wailing, crying in anger. Rage. Knock knock, it’s meal time.

nice! i will design him right away

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Do you have a name for him?

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You’re in credits for helping in the book 2 ideas already

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I have a few name ideas:


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i like the Ragdoll one what about a weakness?

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You could insert a wendigo. One of those things would be perfect for your game!

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whats that? (20202020)

Being seen, or being in light. It likes dark places, and it moves faster in the dark. Light hurts it, and when not hostile, vision stops it.

Its a deer-zombie. They are part of a real legend and are said to stand on two legs.

ok i don’t think it will be there but maybe as a secret

That’s ok. Other possible ideas–
Slimes, skeletons, spiders, golems (elemental or otherwise they can be anything), lizard people, haunted trees, ghosts, or cursed objects.

I hope this helps. I really like your game idea and I think its gonna be a good one.

how about yourself @8-bit_Studio lol

XD thats funny (202020

What about a forest level with Bigfoot?

no sorry that would be cool but i need unique monsters ones that don’t exist yet like the mannequin or my pac man robot (has teeth) but it does go with one of my old games :smiley:

What about a goat that shoots it’s own eyes at you?