Most Advanced Game in Flowlab

After The Flowjam, and more than 7 years of flowlab’s existence, how the games have evolved. I joined in 2019, so, I don’t know first hand, but flowlab has gone from a basic platformer-maker to complex game engine capable of making pixelated games with the ability to release on multiple popular game platforms. And recently we have had some of the most fantastic games recently, namely Nyctophobia, The Starblast Saga, Outpost Omicron, and of course the Flowjam Winner, Tonight. So, for my upcoming website I have been gathering information and other things and I asked myself - What is the best game on here? What is the most advanced? And no - This is no competition - it’s facts. Looking at the code, seeing how a game was done, and seeing how complex the code is. This is probably something done by @“JR 01” , @“Mhx Ar” , @todorrobot @PixelPizza or obviously @grazer , with many other expert users of flowlab (Sorry if I missed you out, you flowlab experts know who you are).

Any Thoughts? (Big brain time…)

Look at @“JR 01” 's DRIVE (Noir? I think?), the coding is surprisingly complexed and well weaved. Same goes for @Latif 's Graveyard. Haven’t seen too many of @“Mhx Ar” 's games of lately though, though I know they’re very complex and smooth. @PixelPizza , definitely. Huge fan of Awakening (mainly cuz I love sprite work, and his is just beautiful). And @grazer mainly just knows a lot of stuff and how to do it I really want to see him make a proper game on here though, just out of interest. @todorrobot has some decent ones too, and many of his games are amazingly unique. And let’s not forgot @CrimsonBlackGames and his Starblast, probably on the same level or higher than Graveyard.

In my opinion, their games are all the best games, as they define what Flowlab is.

Thanks @rcreger and @“The Kodex”,
Now that I’m looking back at it, I don’t like the cluttered wires in Drive Nero and there are so many more things I can do. But working on Drive for 6 months really showed me how to use Flowlab and is probably why I know much as I do with Flowlab. Plus making my own examples and test after I got indie, I’m always exploring more of Flowlab and what to do. Comparing NYCTOPHOBIA and Drive Nero, you can really see that, even though I had significantly less time to make it.