Mouse click suddenly doesn't want to pick up the entire object?

The entire object was working beforehand. I honestly don’t why this is, but only certain parts of an object can be clicked? I have an object 9 blocks tall, and for some reason, only the top part of the object wants to be clicked. This is happening to so many other objects. For example, the parts of the middle of an object won’t work when I click it, but some outer areas will. From what I’ve observed, it only seems to happen when I continue adding more objects or more behaviors…I don’t see a problem otherwise. Does anyone know why this could happen?

I’ve had trouble with the mouse trigger before clicking on bigger objects too, so I made an animation the block would play when I click the mouse on it to see where it would accept the action. It would play the animation sometimes and sometimes not. I would guess maybe lag, but I’ve had some trouble with this as well.

@leonknighte Please please explain what you mean by making the animation accept the action? Honestly, before I have an aneurysm, show me what you did. Because everytime I go to the game editing browser, back to the game, everything involving mouse click screws up. I refresh the page, everything is fine. But even then, some things will start screwing up as I progress through my game. Liiiiiike when I click one object, it, for some reason, fires a different object. And a whole lot of other bugs as well.

I just have a box appear over the object when I use the mouse to click the object. In this example the little box can have a red frame turn on and off when you click it, no problem, but the larger block (with the same behaviors) like to sometimes not work.