Mouse Cursor

I have looked at everything to make a custom mouse, and I know I am doing it right, but it won’t work. I need help. If you see a problem, pls tell me. (The cursor is the purple circle.)

I can’t see the game right now for I am on mobile.
Did you make the object movable?

I havent looked yet but do the mouse blocks, which are extracting x and y to a position block.

JR 01 yes.

I realized the problem: the fact that this is a side scroller game, it messes it up. Is there a way that the position keeps updating, even when you aren't moving your mouse? That is why it is off.

Oh I see now, this is a bigger problem.

I found 2 solutions but the grid set up was a bit glitchy, so I will show the pixel version.
Also a mouse cursor works better with pixels, unless you specifically want to highlight blocks instead of mouse exact spot of the mouse. Then let me know and get the grid set up for you.



Let me know if you have any questions

@ShadowAxeKid do exactly what you already had, but instead of using the game world layer, use the GUI layer.

That is much better, I was solving it the hard way :lol:

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BTW this is going to be a big project. It will probably come out on 2020 at sometime.

how you can make these trees

I did it in pixelart. A separate website.

which separate website?

Search Pixel Art. There should be a website that pops up.