Mouse Move: Always Active Option.

I feel lie this is really needed. It’s a small change, but a welcome one. It would make it so the coordinates of the mouse are always coming out of the block, instead of just when the mouse moves. This is the only block (as far as I know) that allows you to use the mouses position. Grazer, if you read this, please consider. Sorry if it’s took hard to implement. You could also allow people to extract the mouses position using the extractor if that’s easier. Thanks for reading.

The guy above me is really smart. I should read his whole message instead of just going to the comments.

Hey @GrimstoneInc - I think you can make this yourself pretty easily with two Number blocks and an “Always” block.

Just connect the MouseMouse x/y outputs to the “set” inputs of your two Number blocks, and connect the Always block to the Number blocks’ “in” inputs. Now you have the mouse coordinates being activated every frame instead of only when they change.

@grazer I actually think this would be useful tbh

I’ll try that. @grazer. Thank you so much for responding, big fan. I’ll comment again or something if I can get it to work. Thanks again.
I might also send the game I would use this in, so It is more obvious what I am talking about.


Okay, I tested what you said and it didn’t seem to work. I might have done something wrong. The game is if that helps. Sorry my old code is a mess. Don’t feel forced to look in it. It’s just a good example of how this would help. By starting the game, you can have your character go across the map. W to Move, Mouse to aim forward. Since the mouse stops giving its coordinates when you stop moving the mouse, the mouse thinks your still looking there. This only comes into problem however after moving in a straight line for 5-7 seconds. Since your moving towards the last coordinates of the mouse, (not the real ones) When you reach it, The Player spins around not knowing which direction to go. Right now, I don’t think there is a way to take the mouses coordinates without having the mouse move. Thanks again for reading Grazer. I know you have better things to do.

@GrimstoneInc, did you see the image I commented?

I didn’t then, but I do now. That’s what I did. Thanks for clarifying that with me.
Doesn’t seem to work. There might be some other way however.

I see why @GrimstoneInc, It’s because the Camera Scrolls.
For this to work, try this set up:

In the Camera object:

In the Facing object:
(Also set the MouseMove to screen coordinates and not game coordinates.)

That seems to work very well. Thanks.