Mouse Targeting

I am trying to make a game where the player will be able to move the character around by controlling the direction the character is facing with the mouse.

It works fine on the locked screen but as soon as it starts to scroll away from the original screen there is a bug where the outputs from mouse move are still linked to the first screen.

It’s easier to have a look yourself, but the idea would to be able to get the smooth movement for every location on the level, so the character would always be facing the location of the mouse as it moves.

The game is just testing mechanics at the moment and everything has very basic skins.

Any help would be great,


Link to game:

it works great dont know what you mean try refreshing every time this happens and adjust the drag and friction for more of a smooth feel, because the player can only keep up with so muc of the mouses movement so mover you mouse slower hope i helped :stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t want it exactly in sync with the mouse, use mousemove-pointat, or if that doesn’t work (never tried that before) make a separate invisible object that’s synced with the mouse, using mousemove-position. Then, on th player, use timer (set the number to 1)-2x extract (x and y to the object that’s coordinated with the mouse) and connect to point-at. Then go always-number-velocity (forward.)

Haha, this blows my mind.

I had completely forgotten I had even done anything on here. The problem in the original post I managed to solve and the current game linked had the mechanics working fine, just needed some fine tuning but i never got around to finishing it.

Can’t believe it was two years ago that I was doing this!

oh man… :lol: I never checked the date…
but seriously, this kind of bugs me that new users surf for old topics and bring it back. They should know that it was posted years ago, this is like the second time already that I tried to help nothing :confused: