Moving platforms

Is it possible to make a moving platform?

Mines always sunk when I jump on them…

a moving platform is easy. the problem with your game is you choose to have gravity on rather that [always] motor -40 in your player behaviors.
When people want things to float, they never remember to just turn on gravity for certain things only.

Lets see… You could make an invisible solid material. Place the invisible material UNDER the movable platform. Send me the link to the game when your done. I will add it to my website. Happy creating!

My game has no gravity…
The problem is when the player hits the movable platform he push it down out of place.

So if a player decides to jump on the platform he will move it down.


okay that is different than I expected…

I guess I’ll never answer a lot of questions… :frowning:

Sorry, I cannot think of any solution to fix this. I’ve never made a diagonal platform before. Normally I would suggest locking X or Y position, but in your case, you are moving along both. This is definitely a puzzle for grazer. Interesting concept of zoomed in gameplay :slight_smile:

Is it possible with locking? I have same problem some levels ahead on a vertical platform :smiley:

If you go only vertical or horizontal, locking should work. As for diagonal, if you lock either or both, the platform wont move.

The problem is collision moving the blocks off the grid. Maybe its because grazer removed the grid? Either or, it happens to blocks that don’t move, too. In my games, there are blocks that pop off the grid and it bugs me :slight_smile:

Can you link me an example of a vertical or horizontal moving platform?

Here you go, I made a quick example.
You’ll notice it’s bumpy but that’s because grazer wants to work on a 3rd type of movement. Right now you have gravity and static, but if he adds another for grid movement, that will work better for you.
If you want to get really technical, instead of having the flip for collision, you could have an ease with the coordinates of blocks to a position so the block always returns to the same 2 grid areas.

How would I need to change that example to make it go up and down instead of side to side