moving problem

so, for my game I’m trying to make it into an app and I have it so u click on buttons to move but if u hold down the button and the move ur finger of the button while not lifting up ur finger my characters will glitch and kept moving in the direction of the button. I tried to fix this by using a mouse move but I couldn’t get the right number cuz either u move u finger in the least and the character stops moving or I set the number high and the glitch will work again so I don’t know what to do.

someone plz help meh its the last thing I need to do for my game

hey ztg5 - in addition to the “up” output on the mouse click trigger, there is also an “out” output, which fires when the mouse/finger leaves the object. If you connect that up to the same spot where “up” is connected, it should do what you want.

That works, ive done that in origami warz (i still play it to this day), tower climber, lazer pong, TE2 arkaniod, and so on