Moving to Construct?

I’ve been experimenting and I want to move to Construct 3… Only for a while, after a few months I want to join something bigger, I’ll probably wait for UE5 and start on that.

I will still be on the forums 32 hours of the day lol, and I will still host my game jams and answer community questions.

(if I don’t like Construct 3 farther in I will come back here an make games)

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Haven’t done much but:

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  • Added Double Jump
  • Added Ground Slam With Screen Shake
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It’s safe to assume that nobody likes your blatantly heretical anti-flowlabism.


Nobody loves your rip off halo games :roll_eyes:

I’m joking, but seriously. There’s nothing wrong with someone liking a different game engine over Flowlab… Flowlab is after all very limiting compared to other engines out there.

I think it’s safe to assume nobody likes your blatantly heretical anti-professionalism.

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that’s totally fine I was just trying to say that nobody here would probably care because this is a pro-flowlab community.

pringles new logo :face_vomiting:
There is nothing wrong with striving for comedy-induced laughter


I’m sticking with Flowlab because I don’t know how to code, and Flowlab at least makes it somewhat easier for me to understand what I’m doing, vs. having to memorize command lines for each function or something (ugh… MS-DOS prompts back in the early days of computers… I might as well have been trying to interpret hieroglyphics…)

I do understand that Flowlab is basically elementary school of coding, and all the triple A developers are using Ivy League engines, but I have to learn how to crawl before I learn how to shift run. :grin:

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Construct 3 is a no code engine too— not the same as flowlab.

But this is a months old topic anyways, so I don’t see why it matters anymore.



Sorry, I didn’t see the original topic date. I’m a fan of good games no matter how they are made or who made them. Carry on!