Hey everyone,

Recently I was trying to put an mp3 url into my game, with this link:
This is also a link to the game I am working on :

So I dont know if its my game or the URL so if someone could help me that would be great.


Actually correction: This is the url:

Guys false alarm, my sound was off. :slight_smile:

glad you fixed it :slight_smile:


lol, you should check your computer before you play a game

How do you turn your sound on?

are you running MAC??? because if you are i know how to turn sound on ON MAC

Yes. I am on a MAC. Thanks.

okay on the keyboard press the F12 button. Hope this helped :slight_smile:

I thought you meant a different kind of sound. I guess my computer doesn’t allow sound on flowlab.

uh oh

Nevermind,I figured it out.

I have the same problem with the same site and my sound IS on! help me!

How do you create a URL for an mp3? Is putting it in dropbox enough?

Actually no worries - I found a post by someone in another thread that pointed me in the direction of a site called Picosong. Thanks anyway! Maybe a search the forums feature would help (unless I’m missing it!)

Top right of the forums, there is a search box. Most People don’t notice it.
It’s right next to the [Go] button.

Ah wow, there it is, thanks! Boy that really is invisible
what is a mp3 link for this? I don’t want to download anything.