Multi-layer scrolling background concept

Since grazer doesn’t have multi background layers or even background animations, it’s pretty annoying for me to have boring still single backgrounds. Over the years, I’ve tried many ways to make backgrounds more interesting, and this lazy concept gives the Sonic Genesis vibe. I wasn’t going to waste an hour on a concept test. This is it. It’s jittery and lazy, doesn’t work well, but you get the idea of what I was going for. With a lot of work and care, you could make a beautiful animated scrolling background if you wanted to. I might. Not soon, but I want to. Basically, far away stuff moves slower, close stuff moves faster, the island doesn’t move, just like if you were actually driving down a road, the ground close to the car seems to move faster, etcetera etcetera.

Only walking right works, and no, I don’t feel like fixing or adding more to it. It’s just a concept idea I thought I’d share, not an actual project.

I did that for Neon Wars at one point, but I took it down, because it was fairly tedious

@CrimsonBlackGames The bind to x/y is jittery garbage, and since we can’t make objects bigger than the game window, they clip on and off the edges leaving gaps where you can see the background color. It really sucks, but I haven’t been able to find a more reliable solution. This is better than my last concept, but I’m about out of ideas for scrolling animated background workarounds.