Multiplayer and stuff

Hey, @grazer about the multiplayer structure. Is there only going to be one server in the game or are there multiple servers? If there is only one server there would be hundreds of players only playing in that selected server. And if there are multiple servers. Is it possible to control those servers for example shutting them down or shutting all servers down in the game? Like the game-site, Trello list feature topic that I made a while ago. And adding this feature would cost thousands of dollars. And I completely understand If you don’t want to add this feature. Plus has a very small budget so I am not sure if this is going to be added in the future.

Also, the reason that I made this topic is to ask a question.

About the code feature. Is it also going to be used as a tool to make games like behaviors? Because adding a code feature with only one function as an expression but in a text-based programming language is kinda useless. But in two functions like using it as a tool to make games and expressing values would make the code feature more useful. And if it is only created to make expressing things easier. Why don’t you just add a feature where you could resize the expression behavior?

Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 20.23.33

Edit: if I sound rude or anything, please notify me!