Multiplayer Game

So i want to make a multiplayer game, its extremely basic. Just 2 players on screen (1 controlled with WASD, The other with arrow keys) I also want it, that when a player collides with another, the player that hit the other player bounces back a bit, making it like a bouncy ball fighting game, a crossover of Super Smash Bros and Balls.

I also need a level select Gui, please.


I don’t really get if you had a problem with player movement but if so,
the flowlab tutorial itself teaches and guides you how to create a player object. The only thing you need to do is create 2 objects, both with the movement bundle, and change player 2 controls to WASD.

For the bounces is also pretty easy, you just need to add a collider, a number, and an impulse block. Connect them and it will do the magic.

You can use a mouse click and a go next level blocks to do that.

You have an help page that contains everything you need to master flowlab. It contains not only video tutorials but also game examples which you can open, understand the flow and copy to your games.

You should first look at all the behaviors available and you will understand a lot more about this platform.

You can also search in forums already created topics about your doubts and questions.

Never stop creating :wink: