Multiplayer Glitch

So, I am guessing this has to do with a firewall/debug property of flowlab, but I can’t use position blocks to move any player except the first. Notably these two games have that problem.
@grazer @“JR 01”
Grazer I can’t comment because im spam blocked but the player’s respawn won’t work unless you’re player 1.

Hey @meburningslime - I’ll take a look, but there are a lot of objects and a lot of logic. Can you give me a little more detail about what objects should be doing what, and how it’s failing?

@grazer finally unblocked!
The respawns won’t work unless you are player 1.

Do you see it @grazer ?
By the way use m, b or y to spawn in and 1 to equip a weapon, spacebar to shoot. That’s for Clash.
To die on SCP just look at 096 lol

@“JR 01” you position when you die.

How/when are you making the player move by position?

When they die @“JR 01”
By the way is that you on the game?

nope, It works for me but no one else is one.

@“JR 01” that’s what I said, It works for player 1 but anyone else it doesn’t
Join and we can both be on so I can show.
@“JR 01” @“JR 01”


You joining @“JR 01” ?

Yeah, it’s been saying waiting for 5 minutes already

On scp or clash?

Ok I just joined both I’m at spawn @“JR 01”

Scp, looks like it works for both of us

Go to spawn


Yeah, it works for both of us. We both get spawned back to start

No, when you die from 096 it doesnt

That’s just how the hitbox interacts with 096.
If you keep messing with 096, you and I do eventually get spawned back.

Oh it’s just lag sorry lol