Multiplayer - help and feedback request

The last few updates have been focused on trying to get the networking engine working correctly and reliably, and at this point it’s becoming fairly robust.

I’ve put together an example multiplayer game here, it would be great if folks could help test it and provide feedback about any problems they encounter (it requires at least two players to work):

I also have updated the multiplayer handbook ( and added it to the help page

I haven’t heard much about the multiplayer features in general, so I’d love to hear any feedback or questions you have about multiplayer or its documentation.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey @grazer I’m back! sorry but life is busy, thanks for the update!

@grazer i have a question if somthing is a player object is its position also shared like a shared object?

@glithctyrus - Yes, player objects have their position shared as well.

This is really cool @grazer, I really appreciate all the work you do.

Lovin’ it! Had some good fun playing Apocalypse Arena.

Still not as polished as Apocalypse Arena but I’ve switched the original tank idea to planes which I think is working and playing a lot better!

Planes - Multiplayer - Up to 4 players

Need to add power-ups and look at expanding the game area and including capture the flag gamer option.

I know this is a multiplayer example, but you know what would flesh this out?

Making customizable names for the characters. Perhaps you type it in, the name saves, and when you play it the username floats over your head - also making other players more recognizable when playing. I think this could help other games, especially multiplayer, as well.

Really having fun with the game so far though. Needs some more features to make it more challenging, such as traps, environmental hazards, etc. But so far, enjoying it!

@rcreger I like the idea of names above players, not sure how you would police the more crass user but in general could be make the game more enjoyable knowing who you’re up against!

Maybe just 3 numbers? 007 style or something.

@muddyapples yeah, I’m not sure if that could be. prevented But live games tend to have those types of players

@rcreger maybe @grazer would have an idea on that front.

By the way, the Planes multiplayer link is now working!

CLICK nice. The only problem I faced was the tryhards. Great game though. Had like tons of fun.

The ability to make your usernames when playing multiplayer is a great feature in my opinion. As for those types of players that you guys are talking about, I think the best way to solve that problem (from my point of view) is to create a filter that automatically censors inappropriate words/phrases. Although this filter should not be too strict, because on some platforms, you don’t even have to swear or say anything inappropriate and you will get censored. But as @muddyapples said, @grazer may have an idea on what to do in this situation.

Hey @rcreger - thanks for the feedback. I just added some environmental hazards (spikes). Let me know what you think of this addition:

@grazer I really like the spikes! They were very well used in the game, but my only complaint is that maybe a sign that they spikes about to shoot up, like a small click sound along with an animation showing the spikes readying to shoot up?

Also, just wondering on your thoughts of a naming program in the game, like you get to name your player that you use so you know who you’re battling? Just curious as I’m interested on how that’d work, especially on a multiplayer game like this.

Multiplayer is not working. I tried joininh my friend on S.C.P. and it said connected but it will not connext to each other. Yed I’m sure the coding is right.
Edit: it’s working lol, I forgot to make player objects :confused:
By the way, does anyone know how to make separate player healthbars?

My multiplayer example has a health bar for each player @meburningslime

So I should add a block instead of using the bar? Also, if the players are close to each other, won’t the script break?

@“meburningslime”, yes to the former question, no to the latter question.

A new object should be created that is used to represent the health bar, but it won’t break the script because the health bar is attached to the player. @“Latif” made a health bar example based on this concept. So did @“grazer”, but instead of being for the enemy objects, this example shows what to do for player objects.