Multiplayer is glitchy

So… I am trying to make a 2d version of a game called Echo VR. But the disk has been very difficult. For one of the two players, it’s fine. But for the other one, it doesn’t work. (Also is you have solutions for the throwing feel free to say. I know the problem.) Thanks!

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Any ideas @grazer ??

Multiplayer is tough, probably read the multiplayer handbook first. The biggest issue (as you’ve discovered) is that there is not one main game running that every player can view; instead each player has a separate game running, so you have to choose what to sync between games.

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It’s probably broken because it’s hard to use

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Dang. That sucks. :sleepy:


I’ve never used multiplayer so I honestly wouldn’t know much about it, but I have played multiplayer games before and they were very buggy, only a few ever successfully worked, but still had server lag.


I don’t know much about coding multiplayer, but wouldn’t it be easier to make it so when the first person joins, they create a personal server and then others join that game. Therefore you don’t have to pay for servers and it’ll be less laggy. I’m guessing this won’t work though.


So that’s sort of actually what happens, the first player serves as “the host” and the others join that game. But each player still runs their own version to deal with stuff that doesn’t need to be synced (it’s complicated). Again just read the handbook and test around; there aren’t any “help” tabs in the multiplayer behaviors either, so for now we’re all kind of on our own…


There is no server, it’s peer to peer