Multiplayer Questions!

I have a few questions (if you are answering a specific one but the number of the question)

How do you implement multiplayer? I have been trying to do it for awhile but I have never known how to. Right now I am trying to add a multiplayer arena to my game with 2-4 players.

How do you make servers? I would like to make it so you can invite your friend or join a random server.

Does multiplayer work after you export?

(I did all the questions in one to not clog the help section)

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Multiplayer is quite confusing and doesn’t work well…

  1. It’s complicated but possible. Overall it needs an update to really work the way it needs to, I’ll explain more below.

  2. No, it only works Peer to Peer, and there is no way to add user to a specific game (it’s random).

  3. No, it only works with connections through the browser.

So how online multiplayer works in Flowlab is that all players are running their own version of the game, this is known as the local game. Then what happens is that all players and shared objects positions are sent to everyone else’s game that is connected. Player objects are sent to each other and can be identified with the local and remote checks from the “player check” behavior.

The issue with Multiplayer is that it is difficult to assign player IDs, for example if you want Player 1 and Player 2 to start at different positions in the level, or to assign a leaderboard by player ID. Other issues with Multiplayer is that Peer to Peer as sync issues when trying to correctly update everything between all the players. As well as like not being able to add or remove players from a game, doesn’t work in exports, host rooms for players to join, and other systems that could add custom player connection assigning.


Yeah… I really wish @grazer could fix the multiplayer since around 20 people have asked for the multiplayer arena in my game and I would love to be able to actually use the multiplayer, also it usually doesn’t work :frowning: