Multiplayer, ya?

Hey, I was wondering how to create a multiplayer game. Is it possible to select all players in the game currently and move them to another level or adding spawns for players when they spawn? or spawning them on other levels on spawns. Also adding like a username behavior, For example, if the owner joins one of the servers the game would give him admin commands based on his username. Also, I don’t really understand these behaviors.

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Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 18.56.31


Ja, neither do I, flowlab multiplayer is weird

Hopefully this helps you.

@spencertheball, ye i agree. The multiplayer is kinda wierd. When i play multiplayer with Friends on flowlab. First everything would freeze to a second and then i see my Friends in other positions and they said they had move to that position. But my screen won’t update that my Friends had move to a other positions. And when i collide with my Friends characters i see that my Friends are pushed away from me if i collide with Them. But on their screens they are stil on the position where i collide with Them. But on mij screen they keep pushing away from me when i collide with them. And a second later they are in front of me again Just like on their screens. And when my Friends collide with me then in their screen i am pushed away from Them. And the game i made was a top down multiplayer game with volocity movement.

Just use a message block and send a message to all players activating a next level program.

Thanks, @meburningslime.

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