Could there be a way to play a game you make with others online?

Not yet. Maybe later in the year. There’s too many bugs, lots to add, and we still need a lot more premium members.

Okay. Then ill just have to coax my friends to sign up.


We would need a hosting server and some way to search for other devices playing the exact same game. It wouldn’t be easy at all, and it’s not a priority. Not many 2D iOS or android games play on an open server. Hosting rooms will be the huge pain.

Oh not easy :confused:

Oh. ok. then putting this request on hold would be acceptable. Thanks.

That must be hard. I am still getting used to adding servers and stuff to my website (

Yeah its hard because the site is coding but i just guessed

Oh, yeah. probably lots of coding.

That would be awesome!

I think its coding or a html

On the other hand, having support for Websocket would be nice. Certain people like me having my own websocket server. Now I only need a way to hook FlowLab into it.

Maybe actions for Connect, Disconnect, Send, and trigger for OnConnect, OnMessage, etc…

Maybe a spec like would be easier. They have JS library.



Old post?.. Yes. But I’m going to revive it.
Instead of doing loads of complex hosting stuff, you could just do Peer to peer connection. Like whoever joins first hosts the game (without knowing it) and when the player leaves the hosting will be switched to another player. Or waits for another player to log on to host.

If your username is grazer then you may want to check this post that completly shows how peer to peer connections can work.

In the post it talks about HTML5 editing and stuff (which was another feature that I requested) but we’re focusing on multiplayer so just look at the second comment (which is my comment) and it talks about Peer to peer.

I saw how mhx air said that you would need more money or as he put it “Premium users” it would be really cool if @grazer you put like a bar of the needed money to get to multiplayer then we could all just rally to get to that goal, I’m sure @pixelStudios would work pretty hard to reach that goal :stuck_out_tongue: