did somebody knows how to make a multiplayer game in flowlab? If there something want to ask me ‘‘how to make a multiplayer game’’ i will show you how. Juts comment ‘‘how to make a multiplayer’’ :smiley:

I already have a co-op example
Hit co-op

S - shoot D - left R - up G - right

left right up K- run L shoot

Spacebar / teleport crystal / hold for team blitz
both players shooting at the same time does power blasts

Oh Co-op Nice. but me My First Character Fader= WA,S,D and My Second Character Arrows to move and Jump when i visited your co-op something bad happening ‘‘D’’ Button is working. But the other is not working. visit mine if i finish it. :smiley:

me and my second friend playing it. And btw my sECOND CHARACTER IS kRADER.