Multiple advanced layers

I know I’ve said this before, but that was 2 years ago. With the upcoming updates that may allow Android development, I’ll be encouraged to get back into this program. Multiple layers would be very useful in my case, for example, 1 or 2 foreground layers, the playable layer, and 4 background layers. This would allow me to make great use of the parallax system for trees, hills, water, structures, and whatnot. It would also allow me to have static planets or whatever, but have the background stars and such move behind it. Animated backgrounds are also a must, but only if performance updates come. I’m eager to restart Diamondsion Assault a 3rd time, since the last few couldn’t handle 4 short levels without long loading times. However, if there were a workaround, such as loading screens between levels, it may help. Here is a screenshot from a GBA homebrew game called ORN, which features a 4 layer system. A strong mention is LittleBig Planet 3, which has over 50 layers, where 10 are playable. That is of course a much larger game on a major console. I wouldn’t expect anything like that for a mobile game.

that would be cool for games involving an ocean background

While each layer does has 3 sublayers, expansion of the layer system would be very useful and cool.