Multiple buttons for alert

Multiple buttons for alert would be easy for simple user interference menu or game questions. ( Example - would you like to buy speed boost for 10 coins?, yes or no )

Grazer is planning on getting rid of alerts since they look terrible and are unprofessional. Use ui instead, it looks 1000000x better.

Nooooo then my games’ dialogue could break :sob:

I agree with you wholeheartedly. Unfortuantely, grazer will not be updating any of the existing GUI behaviors except for the Label. Also, welcome to the Flowlab community Antonyv!

Ok😥 , Thanks I didn’t know that.

If they are deleted grazer will keep them in the games that already have Alerts, like how Proximity was a trigger before, and now it’s not, older games still have it as a trigger so it didn’t mess up any of the code.

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You’re welcome :cry:!

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