Multiple buttons?

One thing that I’ve run into that I wish could be added is: Multiple buttons in the alert. I’ve always wanted one that would come out with a different outcome of alerts if you clicked a different choice instead of only one. It would be even better if it could be a choice to either have a one button or a two button. I haven’t really made any feature requests, so please consider. If you will only update it to HTML5, then I’ll where out flash and finally get to use the double button in HTML5 (mainly because I’m waiting for the updates to finish). Thanks, and please consider @grazer .

And maybe an input to close the alert too?

Yeah I want that to @rcreger

I agree with that, too @“JR 01” ! I hate it when there is, say, a menu button, but you decide not to… You can’t leave it though, so you have to do it anyways!

EDIT: The second button could lead to just leaving the alert, and the first could take you to the menu…