Multiple Game Ideas, not sure which one to pursue

I have several ideas for games. I just don’t know which one to do first. Anyone got any ideas?

  1. A recreation of Super Mario Bros

  2. Luigi’s Mansion
    a. in the style of Link to the Past
    b. in the style of GTA 1

  3. A top down version of TF2 (multiplayer supported)

  4. a top down version of SCP Containment Breach
    a. in the style of Link to the Past

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Myself and one other person have already recreated successful SCP games, and Mario is kind of common here. I’d recommend your own, original game, but choose a style of one of the other games. Personally, I’d like to see a Multiplayer Combat game become popular, and I’d support you through my youtube channel.



Create your own game it’s always better that way!

I lack the creativity to make my own things lol

If I had to choose, then it would have to be number 3. Since there are already a lot of Mario based games on here there are not very many multiplayer shooting games, or at least a really cool remastered on with a class and load selection (which I’ve been waiting for someone to do, cause I dont work with multiplayer much) and there aren’t many SCP based games, but there are a few good ones on here that are gonna be very hard to beat. @meburning slime made a really cool multiplayer one. I’m currently working on a game with a similar concept as SCP, but it doesn’t have any of the original characters in it, its completely brand new. Also @meburningslime I can’t for sure tell who the other person is who made another SCP game, those are the only two I can think of that are top-down. I’ve seen a lot of platformer versions which aren’t too very accurate, but are still neat to play
Anyway @Xzerixan I think you should either make your own game like what @Ramshacklegamestudios said, but if you have to stick to one of the 4 options then I choose number 3.

I think originality is key with the game industry (even though the masses crave a sequel, the franchises did have to start somewhere). Here’s a few pitches I got (FYI, I go for more story driven situations that are moody):

  • A boy who walks around a dark city and having to pick of pieces of his broken body (perhaps a doll?). This could generate great mechanics that evolve and change throughout the game. Perhaps he can still break in combat, and hence have to pick pieces back up to have more effective attacks.

  • A miner goes down a mineshaft, but with a flicker of a light the world changes around him. After travelling through the mysterious new caverns, he finds the exist to find himself in a mystical Land of Light. This Light can create anything imaginable. However, Dark forces are seeking this Light’s power to use it for it’s will.

  • (a weird one) A butterfly - with some smooth flight mechanics - is in a Galaga sort of situation. Strapped to his back is a small mini gun where he tends of mosquitoes of various ranks, which threaten his kind (I don’t really know, I’m making this up as I go). Dodging rocks and webs, Mr. Captain Butterfly needs your help to save the day!

You don’t have to go with ANY of them, but I literally came up with this at the top of my head. Just get onto Google Docs, and start typing literally ANYTHING. It could spark something…


I cant choose between 3 or 4 D:

Lol, who just read the last fnaf book…? I think I know


Honestly never read any of the books…


nani?(maybe a good idea the last book just had an ai mpreg a male and the male cut himself open only for plushtrap to come out as he bled out on the floor sooooooooooooooooooooooooo)