Multiple mouse inputs? (for mobile)

When making a mobile game it’s pretty restricting only being able to use one finger, if the player could use two it opens up a lot of possibilities. Idk how this could be implemented but it would be very cool :slight_smile:


UI touch controls can be used. But swiping and pinching the screen would be nice features (Swiping is already possible with a bit of code) Or the ability to use 2 hands like in Minecraft would be a cool feature.

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I have done it in this (it’s just a proof of concept that I made like a year ago)

it work with the online mobile idk about as an application

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idk why I thought it wasn’t possible, just use 2 objects with down output :face_palm: (no emoji for this)

Mouse position doesn’t work with two inputs though

you can detect mouse pos with one and check if it was clicked with the other (like Minecraft)

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there is an emoji for facepalm :man_facepalming:

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off topic :man_facepalming:

But yes, it only tracks the most recent mouse position, meaning if you click on one thing, it gets activated, but click on another at the same time and only that activates.


Excellent idea! I totally support this. I remember playing Mortal Kombat Mobile (technically known only simply as Mortal Kombat) and having to hold down two fingers to block.

This would be very useful for mobile games.

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