Multiple people working on a game.

Say you’re making a game and want a friend to help you. Well you should be able to invite that person and have both people working on it aty once, and maybe a chat bar on one side of the screen. Me and my friend really want to do this and we think it woud be awesome, fun, and useful.


GET THAT 4 ME that’d be the best

If you give your friend your account info so they can sign on to the joint account, you both can log on it on the same time and both edit the game. Changes will be seen by both of you when you refresh the page. As for the chat, open another tab and use the forums.

Good idea, but I wish you could see what they’re doing in the game screen. For the messaging you could text or use something like Facebook :slight_smile:

:l I dislike refreshing. I shared my account with my friend. He made a game on it and now I don’t have anymore free games left :stuck_out_tongue: I REALLY like the Idea because now we have to do it on the bus. Not the easiest.

i think the “studio” upgrade will handle all of this. dont take my word for it because im an INDIE

As nice as this sounds, whenever you hit play, it saves, so if the other person refreshes, it loads what you did, and erases what they did. You can both work on a game at different times by sharing a password, but instead I would recommend one person makes graphics and music, while the other builds the levels and logic.