Multiple power ups are going off at once

@“JR 01” (I have asked for your help a lot lately)
The power ups have a random for which power up but its all the same object but sometimes when you touch it multiple power ups go off and sometimes they don’t go on at all!
Check the Player behaviors in the top left and the power up behaviors.
btw its in the actual game
Thanks, for the one millionenth time!

It’s because the power ups are sending which one should be on and off to the player when the game starts. Instead, use a number and set it the whatever came out of the random. Send that number to the player to turn on the desired switch. Use a timer of 1, delay 1 for the collision in the player to input for after the switch is on. After that timer, use another with the same settings to turn all the switches off. I haven’t tried it myself, but that should solve the problem, but I am confused of why you changed how the power-ups work. I have to ask:

What happen to the spawner?
Why are you putting all the power-ups into 1 object?

Also instead of sending a message to the player, you could attach the power-up on that object instead.

@“JR 01” i got rid of the spawner because it was really hard to find the power ups and it lagged. Im sorry I know you spent all the work helping me I really am sorry

That’s ok, but why put all the power-ups into 1 object?

So that I can put them somewhere where the player can get to and so the power ups are random

Thanks again @“JR 01”

Instead of making a new power-up object, you could also just make that object a “power-up placer” and attach the power-up onto it depending on random.

@“JR 01” I dont get it

You can use the attach behavior to put the power up on top of the object.

@“JR 01” can you send a picture

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You can place things on top of an object by using attachers.
The bottom part is your methods for moving it.