Mushroom Madness

My flowjam entry was my best game yet!

Explore your mother’s planter box and stop the invading bugs from eating all her plants!
You must use every advantage if you are going to survive and succeed.
Good Luck!


Hello everyone!

I’ve recently learned that my game, Mushroom Madness, was broken.
As you know, broken games aren’t good games, so I searched for help. After Jr01 found the problem, I fixed the game and officially rerelease it.

Among the wreckage was:
(1) Level 4
(2) 2 Unexplored Worlds
(3) An Epic Boss Battle

These screenshots show
just a few awesome challenges in
the story ahead.

Your mother’s plants have magical properties that could help the world become a better place. These plants belonged to the safety of your mother’s planter box. They grew in droves and were very healthy- On their way, in fact, to changing the world.
An evil Beetle Lord marched his armies into the planter box and started eating all of the plants!
In a haste, your mother whipped up a potion that will save the plants. It will shrink you down to a tiny size- just enough to fit into the nooks and crannies and defeat the Beetle Army.
It is your job to take out the Beetle Lord.

Good Luck.