Music Load Bug?

So Im Trying To Upload a Musc File And This One Refuses To Load Is it Because Its 1 Hour?

This is not something important enough to tag grazer about. His schedule is way to tight for something like this

Edit: I’m sure someone else could figure this out

Hey @“Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev”, I had a discussion similar to this problem that I hope may solve your problem. In it, grazer recommends that file sizes be small. Considering how you are saying that your file is 1 hour, I’m guessing that the audio file is HUGE. This might be what’s causing the upload failure.

K, But i really like the song but i guess i could find smaller song

Yeah, like @GalaxianGames said - an hour long song will probably take a really long time to start playing. Also, it will likely eat up a lot of browser memory while playing.