Music not functioning properly in Sol

Hey @grazer (since you most likely know what the issue is) - currently I’m adding custom music to certain object from a beepbox .mp3 file. What is intended to happen is that the music will fade from volume “0” to “50” when the game starts or reloads with the “once” behavior and loop.

At first, the volume functioned properly, but then just started not cooperating after a few tests. I was testing at the time because it would not loop. I went through a few things, even looping the beepbox track, redoing the behavior, destroying and replacing the behavior, but still didn’t get a solution for this or the volume.

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Can you post a link to the game (or DM me if you don’t want to post it yet) and tell me how to trigger the music & problem?

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I’ve had a similar problem where, despite having the music set to loop, there’s a slight delay before the music starts looping again.

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I think (think) it is that you exported the song on beepbox with an outro (or intro). That seems to cause pauses in the music for me if I forget to uncheck it when exporting. Uncheck outro and it should be fine


Thanks for this @sans7657!

But, just in case (because I’m at work rn), @grazer, I sent a PM with the game link and other info

I don’t export my songs with an outro or intro and my music still pauses for like 1 or 2 seconds before looping.

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