is there a way i could upload my own music? i have a song i want to use for the title screen.

You can link to an .mp3 file

but is there a way to add a link to an mp3 file. ive tried a lot of different methods but none of them seem to work. it says the link needs to end with .mp3

Yeah, a link to an mp3 file will end in “.mp3”, something like this:

^ that’s what an mp3 url looks like, and you can use it for testing if you want.

@grazer you could market quadbuffer as a mp3 file hosting site for flowlab, with a low add-on cost

i wish the paste option actually worked for my computer

@grazer i went to but there wasn’t very much. just a white cube and the words: Welcome to makers of the Flowlab game creator. is this like some sort of puzzle? am i supposed to click somewhere? what do i do?

@“Boom games” quadbuffer is pretty much dumping grounds for grazer. If he needs something hosted off flowlab, like a sound .mp3 file, he uses quadbuffer.

As far as I know, we cannot use it. Only him

@CrimsonBlackGames oof

Hey @“Boom games” - I was just posting that link as an example of an mp3 file URL. You can try that link to test with, or compare it to what you have that isn’t working.

i know where to get those links but i was just wondering if there was a website that i could upload an mp3 file and then use it for my game

never mind i found one and got the dong i wanted. its called

just upload a file and use the direct hotlink

btw heres the game, its not finished yet

Oh yeah, kiwi6. I use it all the time

i feel like i should be mad that you didn’t mention that the entire time… but whatever, im just glad i found it.