My 1st Year of Flowlab Token

I just realized that I have been on Flowlab for over a year now. I have very much appreciated the time I’ve been able to spend making games I always wanted to. So this is a information token in thanks for Flowlab. The first thing is that I am currently under SECRET construction of Flowlab first video! I’m not joking, if you get into my profile, you’ll be the first ones to see it unveiled, yet it is not finished, so give me time.

Second is for Retro Game lovers. There is a website that posts the actual games (like Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, PAC-Man, ect…) of older generation games for everyone to play! You don’t need to make a account or do anything (other than ignoring the ads that support the website). They go from Original Atari to Nintendo DS, all crystal clear. They even have PlayStation 1 games! As long if you have a good internet, you can play almost any classic you want. What’s even better is that they load more and more games every single day! Don’t worry, if you load a game and it shows the MB s being loaded, they are not downloading bad stuff to your computer, they’re loading the game itself. When the Pause Button appears over the controller, click it and the game will begin. What are you waiting for? Click here to travel back to the days of arcade!