My 2022 Flowjam, Life Cycle

A lock seems like a very good idea now

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Oop my tree died >w<

A suggestion: Instead of random numbers, maybe make panels that relate to each of the three elements. In each panel is an activity that gives you the corresponding element, maybe clicking dots or something idk, but basically they start out slow, and as you progress you have to multitask more and more

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It’s a new term for “Watching grass grow” hehe
Its a great game, I keep pressing esc to leave the menu :frowning:


I guess I’ll change the key from E to keep your hand away from it. Glad you liked the game!

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@DinoDev just made my game playable, what do you think of it?

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I really like the general atmosphere and warmth of the game emits - very nicely done:)


ty, really wanted the base game to just be really peaceful. When I have time I’m going to add more mechanics to make it a little more difficult


How come the tree in the thumbnail looks so much better than all the other art?

ty for the compliment, its because I got that one online from someone way better than me and I made all the other trees by myself on Flowlab. Also, the style for the game is not supposed to be realistic, it’s supposed to be a playful simple style.

yeah I figured as much.

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I list it in the description that I got it online. So what did you think of the game besides the art style?

Quick tip for next time, actually download it off the site (especially since it was actually free), so that you don’t have to try and manually remove the fake transparent background, which leaves you with that weird checkered patern in the background

I meant to have it like that (with the checker type pattern), I think it adds a really cool effect

Here’s a good resource for doing pixel art Pixel Art Tutorials - Saint11

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I wanted to make it purely on Flowlab. But what did you think of the game? Trying to not make this thread super large and off-topic.

it’s just tutorials

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I’ll use those ty, how did you like the game though? trying to get as much feedback as possible so I know what to change for the gameplay, I’ll finish the art later.

Has anyone completed the game yet?

I liked the art and story, but couldn’t figure out how to necessarily play until minutes of messing around. Maybe a proper tutorial that you have to go through?


Thanks for letting me know, I just went through it so many times that it was autopilot for me. I’ll definitely add a full tutorial.

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