My 2nd GAME: Zombie Beach Party BETA

Hello friends! I am happy to announce my newest game: Zombie Beach Party:

It is not 100% finished, but it is definitely playable. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions for cleaning up my code or fine-tuning behaviors.

Current issues:
-Items (coolers, boom boxes) floating around the beach like they don’t weigh anything (tried to affect density and friction, to no avail)
-random movement seems to send everyone to the upper right.
-police aren’t as trigger happy as I’d like them to be (but they were VERY trigger happy before I dialed them back).
-the camera shift between the intro and the player start before the countdown.
-i gave up trying to get seagulls to damage zombies and trying to get beach goers to carry boom boxes/coolers.
-after I take suggestions and tighten things up, I want to add some more easter eggs and zombie variety.

Thanks for play testing!

My record so far is 25 zombies. How’d you do?

This is fantastic! I’m not sure what my score was, since it didn’t seem to be displaying - or maybe I’m just blind. I love the level design and graphics though.

For the boomboxes and coolers, do they need to be movable? If so, did you try bumping up the global physics drag? Friction for sure on’t help, since they aren’t contacting anything. Density should make them harder to start moving, but won;t help slow them down once they start.

For the upper-right issue, did you try disable the zombie fleeing to determine whether it is the random movement or zombie flee logic that’s making them tend to end up in the corner?

Anyway, great work so far - this is going in the featured games list tonight.

Thanks @grazer

The score shows up at the end under the health bar once the timer runs out. :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll move it to appear over the “end of game” alert.

I struggled with the “beach goers fleeing/zombies following” mechanic. I just copied the code from something I found in the forums, but didn’t really understand the logic of it. I do know that when I ran a test of the random number generator, it would generate “3” (out of a choice of 1-4) disproportionally more often and that might be the output that sends them to the upper right. My work around is a "teleporter block just off screen in the upper right that zaps any beach goer that wanders in to the parking lot at the bottom left :slight_smile:

I have not experimented with physics drag, but I will give it a shot and see what it does to the coolers and boomboxes.

Thanks again!

Bored at work and got 32 zombies. My new record!!

I added this game to the featured games list last night, so it should be showing up on the first games page now.

Hey man, congrats!!

I’ve currently been having a lot of lag issues
but other than that it is a really great game :+1: