Somebody is editing my posts. For example, I apparently spammed Latif, but I DID NOT DO THAT. What’s going on?!?! I am password changing now.

ask @grazer, he might have IP logs

Nothing seems suspicious, and there’s nothing in the logs. I just see a ton of comments from you and pixelknife3 tagging latif in a bunch of different topics. Why would someone even hack your account just to talk to latif?

@“Mhx Ar” that’s what I was thinking. However, I a meeting at 5:09, and that’s when I was apparently editing my comment.
Also welcome back!

If someone has truly hacked your account, I recommend changing your password ASAP! That should prevent future attacks. And I recommend using strong passwords, since some people use programs that can automatically find out what your password is. The more complex and stronger your passwords is, the longer the password mining will take.

Hey Guys This page is acting really weird. When I open it, it’s empty, but I can still comment on it. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

@GalaxianGames I used to be a hacker, I know. I am working on it now. @Latif not for me…

@meburningslime - change your password right away if you haven’t already, then log out of the forum and then back in. If continue to have issues, email me directly:

Okay. I will do that.

Is Everything Ok?

@pixelknife3 now it is, thanks for asking.