My Adventure map! V1.0

This is my 2nd game. I credit @meburningslime and @hihilogic for this. There isn’t much to do. I will be making updates. Link:


Hi everyone! Can anyone give me any updates or anything I could do? Or just feedback.


you could add scrolling

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More puzzle elements would be nice

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First, @hihilogic, scrolling for what?

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Camera scrolling with a camera block instead of a million levels

Like in the last one you did. More content in the level+scrolling=cool. I still don’t know how to make a scrolling :upside_down_face:

Oh, ok
I’ll try, maybe :wink:

Is this ok: I made it like a skyblock map

I have some “exams” to do. Please give me feedback! I would love to see some good ideas

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Pls name it the name is just new game and that gives NO attention

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Ok XD I forgot lol ok

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Good Morning everyone

I’ve made a slight update:

Oh hello in my place its night

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It’s 6 Pm for me.

It’s 9:00 Pm for me, lol.

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He lives!!!

8:59 for me

make that 9:00


Did you like the update?

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