My animation when on stay on last frame won't stay on the last frame!
I’ve reloaded the page, recreated the whole thing, and nothing! What’s going on? Sorry if I’m just an idiot but I’m having trouble figuring this out…

Which object, and how is the animation triggered?

Hey @grazer, thanks for commenting.
The player is the one who is having this problem:
Screenshot 2019-10-31 at 5.00.50 PM
Go to the testing level for quickest access.

That’s because you have an Always to the “Idle” animation.
This is going to play after every animation is complete,
which staying on last frame is a complete process of an animation.

You could make a switch so that idle animation doesn’t start while camo is on last frame.
When camo stops, turn the switch back on and you get your idle.

Priority is used when you have several animation playing at the same time (at the start of animation, not including loop and last frame), and higher priority will play over the rest. This is good for like if the player is doing an action and a cutcene comes up.

Thank you, @“JR 01” ! It’s always the simplest mistakes that throw me off…