My Avengers Game is complete

@meburningslime lol
@Superstargames maybe he didnt mean it?

@grazer can you confirm?

@Natural_flair$$ his log times are more sporatic than my grades. You might get a response in 2 years?

Lmao my bad Im not that seasoned

@2017ML10332 if you post a link to the thread for where he said it, I think we’d all like to see it :smile:

It was on the Google form I sent here but I deleted it because its saddening


Hold up the respondent just told you he was grazer?? Maybe it wasnt even grazer but some random guy messing around

Either you are lying or you are being cyberbullied by a troll. I prefer to go with lying.

@2017ML10332 I don’t think it was grazer, just a bad troll. Your game looks really good so far, love the design of the enemies and the story. There is some things to work on, but that is still a good game in my books.

What maybe to work on is making neater levels, so that you can have more control over it, and maybe try adding animations. I really like the story though, and the effort and imagination is so thoughtful, don’t let anyone put you down! Keep making, improving and getting better!

I know! Troll him back! Give us the email and we’ll spam it to oblivion @Natural_flair$$

@grazer Can you just put all of our minds to rest and say it was not you who done this?

@meburningslime i think the form doesnt record emails

Right? @ML1032017

Ya I made it not record emails

Thanks for the encouragements everyone :slight_smile:

Check your trash folder, it will be in there if it’s from 3 weeks ago or sooner.

I deleted from the bin tho, sorry

It doesnt rlly matter anyway it was probably just a troll

Dude youre just trying to guilt trip then “deleting” all the evedince…