My brain is in knots ='(

so hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhweeeeeeeeeelllllllllppppppp I’m going insane and I don’t want to break everything in my room

this is what I have and it is driving me crazy I have tried using what other people gave me but it doesn’t work

What are you trying to do?

either your just invincible or you die in 5 seconds I am trying to make a shield but i am failing more than i should

so help me @Ramshacklegamestudios please help me

u don’t have to but please try

ok so @Tim01 can you help me if you read the text above?

If you want some sort of shield, you can just add an attached object around the player, but have it so that it prevents enemies from touching you and it also blocks any projectiles that are within the game, if there are any. And make the shield destroy or delete after five seconds, but add this on the actual shield so on spawn the timer will start. Similar to that of an invincibility shield given in some games after you respawn so you can’t get spawn killed, for example Roblox.

sorry my brain is too minuscule to understand with just words could you make a screenshot for me please here is the link.

please help @ManiacPumpkin

Is the shield not working correctly? What’s the problem?

Sorry, but I currently don’t have much time today to be able to make an example for you, but I will to that first thing in the morning if no one has helped you yet, maybe even if someone did, it depends.

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Here is a screenshot. It’s quite simple.

When you collect a power up or something make it send a message to the player which is activated by the mailbox which spawns the shield and also attaches it to the player. I would recommend making the shield a circular sprite that is larger than the player so it can prevent projectiles from hitting him. Also after the five second timer goes up it will take the attached object off of the player and send a message to the shield to destroy itself so it is no longer there.

Also make the arrows destroy when they collide into the shield for better results. I hope this works and solves your questions and I’m sorry if it don’t work cause I didn’t have enough time to test it out, but it should work.

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if this works you are my savior

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Well it should work, and if it doesn’t then there are a few others ways of adding this.

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thank u for all your help
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ok so im having an issue where the arrows go thru the bubble but i have everything set up correctly the bubble is solid the arrows are not solid but have collisions on and i have it to where if an arrow hits the bubble it is destroyed can u help @ManiacPumpkin
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Ok, give me a few minutes…

Alright, I forgot that attached objects don’t have collisions (even if you turn it on), but here is an example that I made that should explain everything you need. I honestly don’t care if you copy and paste everything cause i’m probably not going to use any of it in my game. This time, it does delete bullets upon impact.


I wasn’t even aware of the attached objects collision, thanks for mentioning that

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