My BRAND NEW GAME! (Zombie Kill)(2D Shooter)

Zombie Kill
Happy Halloween 2018! To celebrate i have created my first 2D shooter game called Zombie Kill.

There are two modes, Practice or Arcade, in Practice mode you only have to kill half a dozen zombies to complete, but remember to collect shotgun shells! With Arcade there are twice that of Practice mode and even less space. When you play Arcade mode remember to get to the chest to finish.

Use Arrow Keys to Move and S to shoot. You are equipped with a Shotgun, i will warn you that if you spam S not all your shots may come out.
Click your Player to change character. There is only one custom character in the game currently. If you like this feature please inform me so i can add some more custom skins.

Credit To…
Credit to @Eric_Matyas and SoundBible for music,
Credit to me for making the game and lastly Credit To @Latif for the inspiration. Please feel free to leave any
feedback on this forum or on my website:
@Eric_Matyas Website (over 1200 Tracks)

                                                                                              <b><i><u>REMEMBER TO CHECK OUT THE GAME</u></i></b>