My character flies when he's not supposed to.

This is the game I’m having trouble with:, the thing in the game I’m having trouble with is Mario. I put Mario from Super Mario Bros. as a character in my game, and the problem is, he can infinitely jump and fly by doing that. The walking camera character in my game is the character who controls, well, the camera and he is controlled using WAD and Mario is controlled using TFH, to fly with Mario like I was talking about, jump and then jump again when in mid-air and you can just keep doing that to fly, it’s kinda like Flappy Bird, but I don’t want that to happen. If you have a solution to the problem, please tell me and if you do, thanks! -Scraptap

I just tried your game and the jumping sound is suddenly working. Is it working for you too?

By the way, about the infinite jump thing, you accidentally disconnected the ‘up’ output in the keyboard (for jumping) to the ‘off’ input in the switch.

Ok thanks! Also, yes I did notice but I didn’t bother to tell you, sorry.

Edit: It worked! Thanks again!