My character glides along the screen when i try to move

My character glides along the screen when i try to move.

Do you not want this? If not, you can either set a Number of 0 and wire all of the Up key positions to it, then direct the Number 0 out to the X and Y Velocity inputs.

Or you could you just use an Impulse or Motor instead of a Velocity unit. I believe Velocity keeps applying your number unless you stop it (think the old Asteroids game when you apply thrust to your ship), where Impulse or Motor moves your object each time it gets a key input.

I have 0 gravity so it won’t work. my goal is for the character to move up down left right on the screen without gliding @paskeyland

He just said how. All buttons (up) go to a Number “0” and connect to the Y and X of a Velocity behavior. That way, when you let go of a direction, you stop dead in that spot.
You should be using VELOCITY, because Impulse is for jumping, hence the spring image on it.

Ok thx

I have the same problem but I don’t know understand how to fix.

@“BEBE YODA”, this discussion is from 2014.
If you have a similar issue then please make a new discussion.

PS, your using the run and jump bundle on an object with no gravity.

lmaoooo i was just scrolling up to see how long ago this was and saw it was from 2014